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Golden Kamuy 3rd Season (Dub)

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season (Dub) 8.30

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Other Name: Golden Kamuy Season 3, ゴールデンカムイ

Summary: Third season of Golden Kamuy. Golden Kamuy set in the early 20th century, veteran Saichi Sugimoto "Immortal" from the Russia-Japan war. He currently going through difficult times during the post-war gold digs in the region Hokkaido. Here he learned of the distant land where the mysterious treasure of Ainu hidden. He decided to embark on a dangerous journey to find it. Because it is a priceless treasure, Sugimoto is not the only one interested in this gold treasure, anyone who knows about Ainu is willing to kill each other to win it. Faced with a difficult life in the wilderness of the North, formidable criminals and Japanese soldiers, to survive, Sugimoto will need to use all his skills and luck - along with the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season (Dub)

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