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Youkai Watch: Shadow Side

Youkai Watch: Shadow Side 6.53

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Other Name: Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside, 妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド

Summary: This is the story of 30 years from the world where Kata was active. Kate's son Keisuke is a type who does not believe in ghosts, UFOs, let alone youkai. However, due to the fact that the sisters Natsume, Touma, and Akinori formed the "Youkai Detective Corps", they were involved in a strange mysterious incident... The mysterious phenomenon that happened everywhere in the city was still the work of youkai. The youkai who have acquired the new "shadow side" and "light side" figures stand in front of the youkai detective team! Lately, Keisuke has noticed that Natsume has been coming home late, and one day decides to tail her. When he discovers that Natsume goes to a youkai detective agency, Natsume is forced to involve Keisuke in her activities. The new "Yo-Kai Watch chapter" opens here

Youkai Watch: Shadow Side

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